Thursday, January 3, 2013

California Adventure: Get Air Trampoline Park - Temecula

This place is totally awesome! Not only were we invited to tag along with some great people, but we showed up early enough (around 10:45am) to beat the rush of an after-holiday packed crowd. Upon arrival, Step 1 is signing a waiver. Which can also be done ahead of time, on-line if your that mom - ha! Step 2 confirms your ID, Step 3 is payment. I had a coupon (Thanks to a friend) so for both of my Under 46 inch - Small Air jumpers I paid $6 (1/2off) total for a little over an hour of non-stop jump and play time.  

Jeyes was hesitant at first to say the least. But, as soon as he started to understand what was going on - he took off for the foam pit, followed the girls around, chewed on his finger's (poor teether guy) and destroyed foam block stacks - great fun! 

And so it began... 

Trampoline Slide - way cool! 
Pondering the safety-level of falling into the pit? Perhaps. 
T on the look-out for kids making "bad choices" ... there were plenty. Have to keep an eye-out for mischievous foam block throwers. She might have been looking at the older kids doing fancy stuff, too. That area sits directly behind Small Air
This a view of Big Air. Featured behind and to the right of Small Air. The larger foam pit for Big Air was to the left and behind the trampoline slides at the end. Kids were doing flips, tricks, and all sorts of crazy things. Really fun to watch if your not supervising small children. I have never done an actual flip on a trampoline. Fact. Maybe someday I'll stop by without the kids and give it a try - ha! 

A, T & JJ... Chillin' out in the Small Air foam pit. I might have decided to bend the rules and jump in with these cool kids. Shh.... don't tell.
Also might have picked Jeyes up by his ankles and swung him into the pit a few ten times. An all-time favorite activity to do at home on the Master Bed and much safer {In my opinion} with foam block cushion. 

After jump-date nap at one of our favorite spots. Poor guy missed out on round 2 of fun at Chick-fil-A. I saved him a to-go bag, no worries. Sure enjoyed my tasty meal without holding & feeding this little monkey - not going to lie. We will be back soon, rest assured sweet boy.
My ultimate favorite thing to see is this protective big sister hugging her baby brother.

Dear Kids: Please, never stop showing love to one another. 

Love, Momma 

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun, I'll def have to visit when i go that way! I have one in Utah near my home that i go to a lot too, so I'm sure I'd love this one as well!!