Monday, September 2, 2013

Anniversary Love Letter to my Husband

Dear Jarrod:
Nearing a decade as your wife, these past years have flown by. Through all our highs and lows in our marriage, your tenacity always encourages my soul and lifts me high above the negativity where I so often get stuck. No one has ever loved me so fierce and tender as you do. The night I met you replays in my mind like a scene from my favorite movie. I bandaged your finger, trying not to shake so you wouldn't sense my nervousness. I remember your eyes, the way you looked at me, I felt respected. Your voice was deep, soft, like a relentless gentle wave that pounded at my heart telling me to never let you go. Nobody could tell me I was wrong for choosing you as my husband. You were and always will be the perfect match to my crazy. Thank you for my two beautiful babies and the strong leadership you continually provide for our family. 

I love you and pray God continues to bless our lives with health, happiness, and more love from now until forever.

Happy Seventh Anniversary, my giant love.

Forever & Always,


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