Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aloha from Hawaii!

The past few weeks have been ca-ra-zy! Not like a bad crazy, but, as in I have three ways of handling stress -- 1. freak out  2. do nothing  3. cry ... All of those options suck and don't motivate or help my family in any way. I'd like to say most times I can find a balance and pull it together but that would be a lie. Daddy keeps me focused and driven during times of stress. I NEED him. Which is why flying from Hawaii to the mainland two weeks ago with my babies and without him had my head spinning. I've flown solo with the kids before but this time was even more stressful because I had so many loose ends to tie up on the mainland on top of caring for my babes, and the daily SAHM duties. All of it never seems as bad as I make it when I prioritize and do the best I can. A few phone calls to friends and my hubby usually has me talked off the ledge and back in the game. After the crazy week had ended, we picked Daddy up in San Diego just in time to celebrate Jeyes Jaxon's birthday, then Mother's Day, and finally Teilani's birthday. Let me just say, I aspire to be a pinterest mom who plans elaborate birthday's. Alas, I am not that mom. The only "planning" I did was pawned off on Daddy as he blessed us with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese for a combined birthday (shh, JJ doesn't know it was for Teilani). A dream come true for me! Oh ya, it wasn't for me... haha...anyways... A couple of our dear California friends joined and helped make this night special. I count my blessing's for friendship's like these. I've learned a lot from California. Although gorgeous, close to dear friend's in SD, in the beginning I was depressed. Leaving Las Vegas was difficult. I had finally met some great people and was building relationship's not only for me but for my kids. Then it was time to move again. Being the usual pessimist, I doubted I would find anyone to truly like me for me again. Fait stepped in and what do you know, I met friends who, ahem, actually DO like me. Maybe even love me for just ME. No pretending or judgement, just acceptance and love. What a cool duo!  

So as we wrapped up Teilani's birthday, we rushed back home to finish packing our life into eight suitcases and four carry-on's. The next day we booked it to the airport and flew to Honolulu where we will be for the next two months. Daddy is working his tail off in the office and we are along for the ride. Supporting and loving him through this process. Seven years ago, when I married this man I never dreamed he would bring me to my birthplace to live. Don't get it twisted, I never doubted him. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and very blessed to experience the beauty of Hawaii. And even more grateful that my kids won't have to guess what it's like to live in paradise but will hopefully remember this special chapter in our life. And will help mold them into the amazing adults they are soon to be. 

Aloha to my friends & family on the mainland and also here in Hawaii! Please know we love you and pray for you always. We're already making plans to visit again this summer and will keep you posted on how that shakes out. Until then... Keep us in your prayer's as we tackle this new and exciting adventure. 

Alofa Always, Tasia   


  1. SOOOO excited for this special gift of adventure you two are giving those babies!!!! Love you girl!

  2. I am so happy for you, but darn it, I miss you! :) Abby said about 100 times how much she missed Tei in the last two days. Take care!