Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To: JJ Love: Mom

Dear Jeyes Jaxon:

You are my Sonshine... my only sonshine... you make me haaappyyy when skys are grey... <3

I am so incredibly in love with you. You are 19 months and full of liveliness. I can barely keep up. Fearless in all that you do and VERY brave. When we go to the park down the street, you immediately climb to the highest point of the structure and yell "Mom!" so I see your exact location and what a big boy you are. It scares the shit out of me, son.

On our first play date with 3/4 of the Ellis family. Where I started noticing your fearlessness - yikesies!

Will you want jump out of planes someday? I've never done that but I think it would be an exhilirating and freeing experience that I would love to share with you someday. Let's get CRAAAZY !!!

At Ronald Reagen Park -- your favorite spot to freak me out. Ahh, jumper baby on the loose!

 J.T. sharing his goldfish with you at the park. You're not the best at sharing yet but I do love that you gave him hugs. Hugs are important. Everyone needs a hug a day. That's what I think about that.  

Let's talk about your eating habits shall we? So... we stopped nursing about a month ago. A really sad day for Mom. I thought it would be tough on you and I was terrified our special bond would be lost. Boy was I wrong. You eat EVERYTHING now. And your favorite is anything me, dad or sister is eating at the time. Teilani and the rest of us are not the best eater's so therefore you are developing some bad eating habits. I'm doing my best to change that and will be writing and taking more pictures of the foods we're trying to incorporate into our diet soon. 

 I feel so happy when I see you eat. Not really sure why, but, I want to kiss your soft and squishy cheeks after each bite you take. I'm obsessed with kissing your face and smelling your sweet baby slobber breath.

Yummy crockpot ribs...mmmm.... 

 Another obsession of mine is capturing every "Kiss" our family gives each other. Like, serious obsession. I love kisses. So do you, thankfully. Because you get the most! Sister loves it when you give her kisses. She makes a pouty face and you recognize her sadness. Sometimes you'll lay one on her, sometimes you won't. One day, you two wont like kissing on the lips. Sad sad sad !!!

 How bout that hand holding? I love this. Teilani says - "Look, Mom, I'm holding brother's hand!" A common theme with you two in the backseat. Yet another tradition I wish would never end.

 Go Lions! HAHAHA.... Yea, I said it. Probably won't be converting you into a Cowboys fan. Darn. Dad loves it when you give high-fives followed by a "Go why-on" sounding blabber. I'm cool with it though. Just so you know.

Well... this is me, tei and you, playing horsey. AKA "Skydancer" The name given to me by Teilani. It's one of your favorite things to do with Mom. Besides trucks and cars, we do a TON of skydancer animated play. I hope you remember these times. Very certain my knees and back will -- worth every second. 

Last but not least for the photo memory bank is a picture of us snuggling on the couch. When will you hate snuggling me? Ugg... never stop, please and please. 

Happy 19th Month's of life my Sonshine ~ Love, Momma

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  1. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing! We wish you were closer, we had so much fun with you all.