Monday, December 17, 2012

My FIRST blog post:

Hello & Welcome to my silly BLOGGIDY BLOG!!

I've been anxiously anticipating this arrival for quite some time now. With a little (okay, a TON) of inspiration from friends in Washington & Vegas - I decided to start documenting my life in the most honest way I know how. A post on Dori & Vanessa, how we met, and all they have inspired me to write about coming soon... Specifically, on Vanessa's blog she started by writing love letters to her babies and talks ever so passionately about Building a Legacy for our children. A Legacy of LOVE through photo memory, food culture, family traditions and much much more.  
Our kids LOVE lights... a sweet tradition and kissy break while decorating the house for Christmas 2012 

When it comes to Legacy Building -- Let me be the voice of our family and tell you -- Jarrod and I WANT our kids to know who they are and the cultures of this world they exist from down to the very core of DNA that makes them exquisitely unique. We NEED them to understand the sacrifice, commitment and planning that is put into their daily routine. Assuring they grow up strong, confident in their identity, and wise.  

My beautiful Mother and her first born Grandbabies in Reno, NV (L to R) Teilani Marie & Lainie Michele 

 Speaking of Identity - In 2008, I joked with a sister of mine while I was pregnant with my first - naming Teilani a "Hula-Pena". In our minds, she was a Samoan mixed Mexican baby I would eventually birth and that was that. I could not predict the Mother I was forever becoming or what God had in store for our Family's Legacy. 

                     A NEW Mommy ~ Teilani Marie Murrieta - Reno, NV 2009

So tiny... and HUNGRY

A cousin is a forever friend <3 One of the first pix of the girls 

Baby Lainie & Jaundice Baby Teilani

Proud Daddy Jrod 

Hospital kisses for my sweet newborn

Skip forward two years (almost exact) later and... wait for it... here comes Jeyes Jaxon!!! ... 

My SON-shine

Mommy of TWO ~ Jeyes Jaxon - Las Vegas, NV 2011

      Big snuggles from Daddy... he was SOO tiny! Just look at Daddy's hands compared to baby :(

Big sister & Dad holding baby brother together for the first time 

Lainie & Teilani taking a walk in Vegas - Probably talking about "Big Sister" stuff 

                                    Gramma T cashing in on some smooches days after Jeyes' B-day <3

                   Tata & Nana Murrieta's first pic of their Grandbabies in Vegas 

Oy Vey! I don't truly understand what that word means, but, it seems to fit for my current state of mind when it comes to understanding boys. They are like night and day compared to girls! Right?! With that said, experience has taught me to rely on those that have a sense of "been there - done that" attitude. Although, I will warn you in advance... Attitude itself is a condition I suffer from quite frequently. To be honest, I wouldn't trade a fierce soul who speaks with conviction for anything. 

My hope is that you read my "stuff" i.e. life experiences (past, present, future) and follow my journey into the Legacy I am creating in my everyday traditions.

I'm a crazy Mommy with a camera. Fact. Hell bent on capturing every second of life. My kids are ADORABLE and if you happen to encounter me out and about, I will most likely be taking pictures with my very fancy iPhone. Thank you for taking the time to read my FIRST post. I look forward to many more time spent with you - my Reader's <3 

I want to know what you think about my post! My site needs help! Drop a comment on the bloggy blog or hit me up on Facebook, please! What do you want to read about? Whatever it is your thinking - I want to hear it - loud and proud. Many many thanks - Tasia <3 

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  1. Found you on the Get Air Temecula FB page! So fun. Looking forward to more posts! I live locally also. :)